What I’ve bought in lockdown

Hey everyone, it’s me… Again🤷‍♀️

So todays post is inspired by a blog post I read by a blogger who I’ve recently come across but who has quickly become my favourite: @bethanyfrancesca_ on Instagram, and I’ve linked the blog post I was inspired by at the end of this post so be sure to check it out. So this is my take on Bethany’s “what I spent in lockdown” which I’m calling: What I’ve bought in lockdown. This isn’t a full list as quite frankly, I can’t remember everything that I’ve bought (online shopping addict alert) but I’m going to try and put down as much as I can remember.

First things first: Disney+ membership. I bought this before lockdown began and before Disney+ had launched in the UK and had a year’s membership for the discounted price of £49.99 – Happy Days 👍

Next purchase goes to my Hollister haul I believe, which I didn’t buy until April 10th. Hollister had a huge sale on, and I am an absolute sucker for comfies from Hollister and so I decided to treat myself. I bought a variety of things including some new comfies, some joggers, tops and even pajamas as part of my haul, and used Klarna (pay in 3) to pay for the order, however my basket total was £114.80😲 A painful amount but totally worth it.

Then come the shoes (and this is when it goes down hill😩🤣). I made the mistake of clearing out the shoes I no longer wear or want from my shoe wardrobe, and bagged them up ready to donate once this is all over, which left space in my wardrobe, and space is never good if you like shoes🤣 This coincided with JD’s and Office having a huge sale on, and across the period of a week I may or may not have lost it🤣 It started with a pair of Fila running trainers for £15.00 then moved onto two pairs of trainers from Office for £30.00. I then went back to JD and ordered a pair of Fila Disruptor trainers for £45.00, then went back to order my boyfriend a pair of Fila trainers (seen as the Lion King show I’d booked for his Christmas present has been cancelled) for £25.00, and finally bought myself a pair of Fila Ray’s for £35.00 as a treat for completing my dissertation.

So yeah, there’s all my major purchases that I’ve made during lockdown😩 I’m not going to add it up because I don’t want to admit that I’ve spent that much🤣 But please feel free to do the maths for yourself. My final student loan has dropped though so I may as well treat myself – why not ey? I’m considering writing a Hollister haul blog so if that’s something you’re interested in, let me know in the comments.

Stay home, stay safe❤️

Until next time, Cx

This blog was inspired by https://bethanyworrall.com/2020/04/13/what-i-spend-in-a-week-my-first-week-of-self-isolation/

Check Bethany out on Instagram for all things Disney, and for some positivity and all round incredible content 💖 https://instagram.com/bethanyfrancesca_?igshid=1kfpu8294u809

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